The Muckrakers vs The World

Muckrakers Break the Curse of the Werewolf

The Muckrakers hired Terrlen Darkseeker to guide them through the Labyrinth. While journeying through a deep passage, Terrlen suddenly transformed into a werewolf and attacked the group. They successfully subdued him, and when he turned back to human, he explained that he had no memory of the attack, but he remembered something odd happening when exploring a chamber called the House of Silence, and he touched a large bronze disc.

The group agrees to journey to the chamber and break the curse. After fighting their way through a flame trap, a group of hellhounds and a mad wraith, the group found the disc, and shattered it, breaking the curse. Terrlen was extremely grateful, agreeing to guide the group in the labyrinth for free anytime they need.

There was also a bit of a showdown between the group and their rogue, who they caught trying to rip the group off by not sharing treasure. They weren’t able to get him to confess the details or turn over whatever he had stolen, so after a lengthy back and forth, the group agreed to withhold the rogue’s share of treasure.



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