The Muckrakers vs The World

Following their victory against Kalarel in the Keep on the Shadowfell, the Muckrakers were asked to journey to Thunderspire Labyrinth to investigate the Bloodreavers, a group of hobgoblin slavers that has been harassing the local towns.

Shortly after arriving in Thunderspire Labyrinth, they encountered a group of hobgoblins attacking Rendil Halfmoon. After rescuing him, they returned him to his aunt, Erra Halfmoon, proprietor of the Halfmoon Inn in the Seven-Pillared Hall. She was so grateful that she offered the group free room and board for the duration of their stay. Rendil confirmed that the hobgoblins they rescued him from were Bloodreavers, and agreed to guide them to the Bloodreavers’ hideout in the Chamber of Eyes.

Before setting out, The Muckrakers explored the hall and met with many of the locals. Sister Lenora, a visiting priestess of Avandra, asked the group to look into the kidnapping of a dozen villages from Riverdown. Wynn Longsaddle, a messenger for the Mages of Saruun, asked the group to help her deal with a group of gargoyles that have been harassing her. Gendar, proprietor of Gendar’s Curios and Relics, offered to pay the group to retrieve an item from the labyrinth for him. Ulthand Deepgem of the Deepgem Company, asked the group to help find his beloved lost pet boar, Stankchops.



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